Here in this article we will discuss about best free STL Editor and if you are also looking for the same then keep reading this blog till the end but before that let’s know more about a STL file.

What is an STL file?

STL file format is one of the most commonly used file formats that’s why you will find many 3D models using file format when looking for a 3D file to 3D print.

 7 Best Free Software to Edit STL Files


This is one of the best free design software that one can use for 3D printings. It consists of multiple useful features like various algorithms that smoothen and interpret a surface. By using this toll you can easily edit & repair your STL files. But keep in mind it will take some time to get used to it us because of its important amount of 3D tools and options. You have to use powerful computer to use Blender, especially if you have a high poly object.


Another best STL Editor tool is MeshMixer if you want to edit STL files especially if you only desire to resize your 3D objects or to change some aspects of it. It takes into account all the different issue that you may face with your file. These software tools will permit you to get a repaired file, ready for the additive manufacturing process.

Furthermore, it also has a built-in slicer tool. So you can directly send your file from MeshMixer to a 3D Printer.


It’s a free and open source CAD Software which uses parametric modeling and can be used by many different kinds of users, from beginners to professional 3D designers.

And the best part is its quite easy to use and you don’t need to be experimental CAD designers to use it and this software is mostly used by architects and engineers because its features were built for mechanical engineers.

It is one of the great tools to construct mechanical objects or to fix your STL files.


Meshlab is another free and open source program to edit your STL files and it is especially used by the professionals since they appreciate its numerous mesh and point cloud processing functions. And let me tell you that this software is extremely powerful to edit your STL files. You can’t create an STL file from scratch with it, but you can create new models by merging some existing ones.


3DSlash is also a free STL Editor which allows the users to create 3D models easily with a building-block concept inspired by Minecraft. And this software is extremely easy to use.


Well this software is available in its commercial version as SketchUp Pro and its free version as SketchUp Make. This is one of the most used software to start CAD Design.

As per the sources this tool is quite easy to use and it offers all the tools to create a 3D Model. But unfortunately some key features of an STL file editor are missing.


If you are still thinking that which is the Best free STL Editor then you can also rely on SculptGL. It is one of the best software to get started with 3D sculpting and in order to make your first step in STL files editing with this kind of tool.

This tool includes the basic tools you need to edit and repair STL files. And as a result for further us of 3D sculpting we suggest you to switch software.

Well that’s all about best free software to edit STL Files. We really hope that this blog was helpful for you. Thanks for your time.