Here in this article we will teach you about troubleshooting Ring Setup on Android devices. As several users have claimed that they are facing issue while setting up Ring Video Doorbell, if you are too struggling with same then follow the below mention guidelines to troubleshoot the troubles while setting up Ring:

How to Set Up a Ring Video Doorbell

In order to set up Ring Video Doorbell you must have the unit itself, a Smartphone and Wi-Fi Connection. After that follow the below mention steps to proceed:

  • First of all download and install the app from Google Play Store for Android devices, or you can also download the app from their website at
  • Now in the app follow the on-screen instructions to create a new account. To do so you need to enter your first and last name, your country, email address and a password.
  • Here open your confirmation email and tap on verify
  • Sign in to the app and click Set up Device>Doorbells

  • After that use your phone to scan QR Code or MAC ID on the back of our Rind device. You can find this QR Code under the Quick Start Guide that came with a ring device.

Note: If you can’t scan the code, tap “Set Up without Scanning>Ring Doorbell” in order to proceed the rest of the steps

  • Then you need to setup our location. Kindly keep in mind some features of your doorbell will not work if you don’t specify your location. These features are light scheduling, motion scheduling or dispatching emergency services through Ring Alarm
  • Set up a name for your Ring Doorbell and you can choose of the set names or create a custom name
  • You need to press the orange button on the back of your Ring device. Doing so will turn on Setup Mode on your Ring Doorbell. After that you will see a spinning white light on the front of your doorbell.

  • Click Continue on the Ring app
  • Connect your device to your phone ring Wi-Fi Network. On Android device, you need to swipe down from the top of your screen, click Wi-Fi after that tap Ring Wi-Fi Network

  • Connect the Ring Doorbell to your Wi-Fi. Ensure to connect to the Wi-Fi network closest to where Ring Doorbell will be installed. Now enter the password and connect when prompted.

Note: Once your doorbell gets connected to the internet, it may update its internal software. You will see a flashing white light on the front of the device. You need to wait until flashing stops to continue setup.

Caution: Do not ring the doorbell while it is updating its internal software.

  • Once the update is completed test your doorbell.

Well that was all about Ring Setup on Android devices, if you have correctly followed all the steps but still your Ring app suddenly stops working then you need to follow the below mention suggestions until your issue gets resolved.

  1. You need to delete the cache data of your Ring app
  2. Update your Ring app to the latest version
  3. Make sure that your Wi-Fi network is compatible with the Ring app
  4. Ensure that your router’s configuration supports the ring application
  5. Uninstall the interfering applications from your Smartphone
  6. Uninstall and then reinstall the Ring app

Bottom Line

That’s all about Troubleshooting Ring Setup on Android devices, we really hope that the guide was helpful for you. Thanks for Reading.