Finding the downloaded files on Android device is very easy. However, sometimes, it disappears and therefore, people can’t locate them. In this situation, people should have to dig into their Android phone’s settings to find them.

There are certain dedicated apps also available that will help you to keep the downloaded files under control. Let’s look at various possible options how to find recently downloaded files on Android. Here these are:

Several options how to search downloaded files on Android

Look into the Downloads folder

Android has a separate Downloads folder that stores all your downloaded files. You will find this as a folder within your file manager. On stock Android, this app is called Files. Simply open it and tap on the Downloads to access Downloads folder and search for the recently downloaded items on your Android.

Here, you can search for by time, type, name, size, ascending or descending whatever you want using Sort by option. You can do more with your downloaded files such as clear the download history, edit, share, besides Sort by.

Check your Settings App

Many apps have their own downloads settings. They do not send downloads to Android downloads rather to the app’s download folder.  If you can’t find recent downloads from any app on the download folder within file manager, you should look the app’s download folder.

For example, WhatsApp by default downloads images and videos to your phone and keep them on their own folder. You will find these download separated with WhatsApp images and Whatsapp Videos on your files app.

Download another file

If you still can’t find the Android downloads, you should download something else. When the downloading is done, you get a notification on your device’s notification tray. On clicking it, you will be sent to the path where the download came from.

Use a third party Explorer

While the build-in file manger works enough in Android, you can look for some third-party explorer app if not satisfied. There are many Android file managers are available for you to choose from. We let it to you to Google for it and get a best one for you. We have a recommendation to use that app only which has millions of users and nice feedback.


We are now rounding off the article. We have provided complete guide how to search downloaded files on android. As you can see, the downloaded files didn’t disappear; they just went to a folder created especially for the purpose. You can dig into your Android directories and find the recently downloaded files on Android.