Hello everyone! Today in this blog we will discuss about one of the most popular and widely used Social Networking Sites that is Instagram. We all know about Instagram in fact if I say that it has become a crucial part of our lives, then I wouldn’t be wrong. Am I?

But in this particular tutorial we will not going to discuss the pros of the Instagram. We will talk about an error that is “An unknown network error has occurred Instagram” and it is troubling a lot of users and they have reported their concerns on various forums and community websites. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Before proceeding with the solutions, we need to know more about the error. The error has been encountered by the users while they try to access their Instagram account on their device. The below mention message gets prompted on their screen.


As mentioned in the message that “An unknown network error has occurred.” It clearly means that you having the issue somewhere due to network isues. But let me tell you only network is not the culprit here. There are so many other factors which leads to the situatuion. Don’t worry, we will discuss about allthe reasons in detail. Keep reading the blog.

Why I am having  “An unknown network error has occurred Instagram”

  1. You are likely to face the above error if you have acorrupted data of hat particlular application, or the credentials stored by you in the data has been currupted due to any reasons.
  2. If you have a corrupted app settings on your device, then the possiblites are higherr to face the trouble
  3. It has been observed that corrupted app has a potential to create such mess, additionally if the files are damaged or corrupted.
  4. If you lacks with a stable strong internet signal or if your device have chosen a incorrect APN configuration which graduallymakes your internet uncertain, they it may leads to the above situation
  5. Corrupted cache of the application can also be a major reason to face the error.
  6. Malwares/Viruses can also be a culprit.

Recommended Solutions forAn unknown network error has occurred”

Method 1: Restart Your Device

The very first thing we will suggest you toreboot your device. Restarting the device will refresh the softwares and might resolve your issue. To do so, follow the below mention steps:

  • Unlock your device>press and hold power button until you see the menu
  • Once the menu appears, select “Power Off”
  • Wait till the device gets “Switched Off”> after few seconds again press and hold Power button just to switch ON your Phone.
  • Once done then try to access your Instagram Account
Method 2: Update your Device

It is suggested to always use the updated version of your Android. Updating your software with the latest version will not let you suffer from such kinds of annoying errors. So just update your Android with the latest version available.

Method 3: Update Instagram


Steps for updating the App on Instagram
  • First of all , open Google Play Store
  • Select My apps & games by tapping on menu
  • Find the Instagram app and then Update it , from the list
Steps for updating App on iOS
  • Firstly open the app store
  • Select Today by scrolling to the bottom of screen>tap on your profile icon
  • Scroll down to pending updates>release notes area>tap update next to Instagram app.
Method 4: Update your Device date and time

Incorrect date and time can be a potential reason for occurring an unknown network error has occurred Instagram. So you need to update date and time regularly.

Steps for setting data and time in Android
  • In the first step open Settings App
  • Then open General Management next
  • Tap Date and Time in Settings
  • Tap Automatic in order to update it inevitably to the detected timezone
Steps for setting Date and Time in iOS
  • Go to Settings app>tap General> select Date & Time under General Settings menu
  • Now you can update the time and you can also go for Set Automatically, if you don’t want to do it manually.
Method 5: Check Internet Connection

It has been earlier mentioned in this blog hat poor or bad internet connection is a reason for the problem. So you are suggested to check the internet connection with an Internet speed Test or you can toggle your connection.

If you are using Wi-Fi, then we will recommend you to simply restart your router, if you have doubt on your connection.

Method 6: Ensure that you have enough Memory Space

If you lacks with the sufficient memory space then you might end up with an unknown network error has occurred Instagram. Hence you need to clear your device storage and to do so follow the guidelines:

  • Navigate to Settings>Applications>Apps
  • Go to Instagram from the list of apps
  • Select Storage to choose Clear Storage
  • Now you will be asked to Delete the Data>tap on OK
Method 7: Clear cache and data of app

We have earlier mention that corrupted cache can create mess for you. In order to get rid of the problem, you need to clear cache and data of the app. To do so follow the below mention steps:

  • Go to Settings> Application Settings (it is called apps in some devices)
  • Navigate to All the apps>Search Instagram>Clear Cache& Data
  • Once done with clearing everything, you need to Force Stop the app


Method 8: Try to Reset App Preferences

To do so follow the below mention guidelines:

  • Go to Settings>Applications>Apps
  • Tap on three dots on the top right corner>select Reset App Preference
  • The above step will delete app preferences from your Phone
  • Don’t forget to reboot your device


Method 9: Re-install Instagram on your Device

If you are still struggling with the above error, then try to re-install the application on your Phone. To do so follow the below mention guidelines:

  • Uninstall the app from your device
  • Go to Google Play Store>search the app
  • Then install the app
  • Try to access your account
Method 10: Perform a factory Reset

We will suggest you to apply this method only when you don’t have any other option because it will erase all your personal data and everything. So kindly backup your data before going for this solution. But performing a factory reset will fix other glitches of your software. To do so follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to Settings>Search Factory Reset Device
  • Click on General>Reset>Select Erase All Content an Settings and go ahead to reset your phone


  • Wait till the reset is in progress
  • Once done, navigate to Google Play Store and download app on your device
  • Finally try to login to your account
Method 11: Go for an Android Repair Tool

If you have tried all the above mention and still looking for a resolution, then we will highly recommend you an Android Repair Tool. This tool will fix all the corrupted files stored on your device and prevent you from other critical issues of Android. And last but not the least it will enhance your device Performance.

Final thoughts onan unknown network error has occurred Instagram”

That’s it. I have tried my best to provide the ample information to resolve the error. Now it’s your turn to follow the guidelines and help yourself. I really hope that the above mention steps will surely help you in solving the trouble.

Additionally, we have mention about performing a reset in one the solutions and had informed the users to back up their data. So if you are the one who have performed a factory reset without a backup. And now suffering from data loss then don’t panic. You can easily recover your data using Data Recovery Tool. With the help of this tool you will be able to recover all your lost data in few clicks.

Apart from this, do write us about your queries and concerns regarding the same on our Facebook and Twitter Page. Thanks for Reading.