Several users have claimed that that they are facing Android Email not syncing. It is one of the most nerve wrecking issues because while struggling with such kind of problems you cannot send, receive or open your emails. So it is very important to resolve this issue before we miss out on important emails. After investigating a lot about the issue we have shortlisted some tried and true methods to get past the above mention problem. So without any further delay let’s gets started.

Try these fixes for Android Email not working

Method 1: Perform a Manual Email Sync

In this method we suggest you to perform a manual sync and to do so you can follow the below mention guidelines:

  • On your device open the Settings & select Accounts
  • Choose the email account where you have synced issues
  • Then click the Account Sync option to view all the features that you can sync
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner of your screen & select Sync Now
  • Your device will start syncing your data including emails

Note: If any emails available then you should see them in your email client.

Method 2: Clear Cache & Data for your Email App

Cache is temporary data files saved by apps to enhance the users experience but sometimes it gets corrupted that’s why it is suggested by experts to clear the cache data on regular intervals of time. To do so follow the below mention guidelines:

  • First of all Access Settings app and click on Apps & Features
  • Then find your email app (Gmail) and click on it
  • Tap the Storage option
  • Click on Clear Cache to remove the cached data. You can also select Clear Storage if you want, but remember it will remove all the app’s data from your device if you reinstalled it. And you will have to sign in again and then perform an initial sync of your messages.
  • Now open your email app and reconfigure it if required

Method 3: Enable Notifications for your Email App

Here in this method we suggest you to enable notifications for your email client and to do so you can follow the below mention instructions:

  • Go to Settings>Apps & Features and click on your email app>click on Notifications option
  • Then turn the toggle for all Show Notifications option to the On position. Now tweak the categories below if you liked.

Method 4: Clear Your Android Device’s Storage

You should know that whenever your device downloads an email, it acquire some space on your phone’s memory. And if you are running out of storage on your device then it may be the reason for facing the Android Email not Syncing issue. In such case we suggest you to delete unwanted files from your device and to do so you can follow the below mention instructions:

  • First of all open Settings app and click on Storage
  • You will see the total and available memory space on your phone
  • Click Free Up Space to find files that you can remove to make space on your phone

Kindly note that not all the Android have this option to find and remove space-hogging files so if your device is one of them then use Files by Google to delete files.

Method 5: Make Sure Automatic Email Synced is Enabled

Well most of the emails client have automatic synced enabled so that you can get emails instantaneously. So make sure that automatic email synced is enabled. You can enable auto sync from the settings menu of your email app. To do so follow the below mention steps:

  • First of all launch your email app
  • Click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner & select Settings
  • Select an email account( if you have multiple accounts)
  • Then scroll down and ensure Sync Gmail or a similar option is enabled.

  • Once you have enabled Sync Gmail then check whether your device’s battery Saver mode is on. If yes, then turn it off. Battery saver mode disables background syncing
Method 6: Make sure you have entered the Correct Credentials in your mail app

When you change password for your email account then you need to update it in the email app on your device as well. If you don’t do so, your device won’t be able to sync new emails. So you can fix this situation by opening your email app and entering new password. The app will then connect to email servers & fetch new messages. Note that to update password everywhere else you can use that particular account whenever you change the password.

Method 7: Update Email App

If you are still struggling with Android Email not working issue then it is highly recommended to update the email app and to do so you can follow the below mention instructions:

  • Launch the Play Store on your device
  • Look for email app using the search feature or click on your account icon in the upper right & select Manage Apps and device & tap Updates Available in order to check for apps with pending updates.
  • Tap on Update to download and install the update option, if an update is available

Method 8: Re-Add Email Account to your Email App

If none of the above mentioned methods works for you then you need to remove and re-add the account. This is one of the most effective methods to solve the above mention issue.

In order to proceed with this method you need to remove your email account from the app. Then use the options in the app to do that, you can also go to Settings>Accounts>tap an account> choose Remove account. Once you have removed that email account then re-add the same by using the option available in your email client.


That’s all about Android Email not Syncing or Android Email not working. We have tried our best to provide all the possible fixes to get past the issue and now it’s your turn to help yourself by following our guidelines.