COD is a wonderful and well-crafted mobile game that has its legacy from past many years however it is not free from bugs. It is very common to face in-game glitches in COD and many users post about their experience on their social media platforms. From quite a while, users were facing de-sync issue and developers have reportedly fixed this issue a number of times. Now, many users are complaining COD mobile authorization errors such as 270fd309, 270fd429 and 270fd2018 which we are going to discuss in this blog.

Let’s begin with discussing COD mobile authorization error 270fd309

The 270fd309 error is primarily faced by the users who try to login COD account using their Facebook account. Users fails to login their COD account through Facebook id and hence the game becomes totally inaccessible further. Fortunately, all the COD players are not facing this error. On the other hand, the developer team of COD have not provided their input regarding the reason for this error and this is very irritating. Many users are unable to find their old or previous accounts which were linked to their COD account with Facebook ID.

So, if can wait for the official fix for COD mobile authorization error 270fd309 then you can wait. However, we have provided certain steps that can help you to fix this error.

  • Make sure that the login credentials are correct
  • Clear out the cache files for COD game in your mobile
  • Update the latest version of COD from Google play-store for android and App store for iOS
  • Change the internet connectivity. Switch between mobile data and wi-fi and viseversa
  • The reason could be server issue hence you have to wait for the server glitch fix from the COD developer experts

It is strongly recommended for you to keep an eye on social media handles of official COD. If there is a big server outage then you cannot be able to fix the error no matter how hard you try. You can also go through the community hubs like “Reddit” where COD players share their experiences of dealing with game error and provides solutions.

How to fix COD mobile authorization error 270fd429 and COD mobile authorization error 270fd2018

Similar to COD error 270fd309, the error codes like 270fd429 and 270fd2018 is also related to mobile authorization and has similar fixes like 270fd309 error. So, further in this blog, it is elaborated regarding the fixes mentioned above and could be used to fix all the COD mobile authorization error codes.

Clear Mobile Cache Files

Clearing cache files of the game deletes all the local data of the game stored in the mobile phone. On Android device, follow the steps.

  • Locate COD: Mobile in the app drawer. Hold the icon until the “I” icon appears on the top right corner
  • App info page appears next. Select Store and click on “Clear Cache”.
Try Different Internet Connection

By changing the network connection, you actually connect with the COD mobile server in a different way. So, you can try connecting to the mobile data to wi-fi and viseversa. In case if the error gets fixed, this means that there was some kind of issue with the previous connection.

Switch DNS Address

IF changing the internet connection doesn’t works then process with the next step that is to swap the DNS. It has been noticed that the default DNS assigned to the device gets overloaded sometime and gives rise to the authorization error. Hence you should try switching to the Google DNS.

Try Using VPN

You can try using a VPN while logging in to COD: Mobile. This is very effective to fix authorization error especially if there is server outage in your region. VPN works very smartly. If there is a region specific outage, the VPN trick the game server that you are from different region. This is done by changing the IP address. You can download Nord VPN below.

Download NordVPN Here

Restart your Phone and Router

Restarting the device as well as router normally fix many of the issues and probably this will fix the problems related to games malfunctioning as well. This primarily fix software related issues. You are advised to wait for next 1 minute to start the phone once again once you switch it down.

Final Conclusion

COD mobile authorization error 270fd309, 270fd429 and 270fd2018 are similar and basically blocks the game access and don’t allows users to log-in into the game. All the possible fixes for these errors has been broadly discussed above. It is suggested to execute them one by one as mentioned. If you find this blog helpful then do share this on your social media handles.