Here in this article we are going to discuss about one of the most prominent apps and that is Google Play Store. This app is an online store where people go to find their favourite apps, games, movies, TV Shows, books and many more. But sadly this amazing online store is not flawless. As per the reports several users have shared their grievance that Google Play Services not working on Android. Google Play Services helps the users to ensure the reliability and security of an Android device, and keep devices updated with the latest security features. And it is quite a nerve wrecking situation when someone get stuck with this issue but don’t worry if you are struggling with the same because it can be easily tackled with some tried and true methods. So without any further delay let’s get started.

How to Solve Google Play Services not working on Android?

Method 1: Disable Google Play Services

Several users have claimed that they manage to get past the issue by disabling Google Play Services and to do so you can follow the below mention guidelines:

  • In the Settings navigate to “Apps>Google Play Services”>tap on Disable

  • You will be prompted with a warning message you need to confirm it
  • Then Restart your device
  • Now go back to Settings>Apps>Google Play Services”
  • Finally re-enable Google Play Services
Method 2: Check if you have Enough Storage

You are likely to face the above mention issue if you don’t have enough storage space. You must have sufficient storage to function properly. If you don’t have that then it won’t be able to communicate with other apps and perform the intended tasks. So we suggest you to check the available storage space by navigating to settings>storage. If you find shortage of storage space then you can delete some unwanted apps to make room for Google Play Services.

Method 3: Restart your device

In most of the case we have seen that just restarting the device can also fix several issues. Rebooting the device refreshes your OS and fixes minor glitches on your device. So we suggest you to restart your device once and see if the issue still persists.

Method 4: Give the Required Permissions

If you have not given sufficient permissions to your Google Play Services then it may lead to the above mention issue, so you need to grant all the required permission to the app. To do the same you can follow the below mention guidelines:

  • Go to Settings>Apps>Google Play Services>permissions
  • Then check the area in the denied section to make sure that nothing has been put there

  • If you find something then allow the said permission
Method 5: Clear Cache & Data

You are suggested to clear cache and data on regular interval of time and to do so follow the below mention steps:

  • On your device open Settings
  • Click on “Apps” and “Google Play Services” in the “All Apps” section
  • Select “Storage” after that press “Clear Cache” button followed by the “clear data” or “Clear storage” button

Method 6: Set the Correct Date and Time

If the Date and Time Settings are not correct on your device then you are likely to face the above mention issue. So make sure that the date and time settings are correct on your device.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings>System (General Management)>Date and Time on your device
  • Then enable the toggle just next to “Set Automatically” or “ Use Network-provided time” and “use network-provided time zone”

Method 7: Reset App Preferences

In this method we suggest you to reset all of your device’s settings without deleting any data with a factory reset:

  • First of all open Settings>System (General Management)>Reset
  • Click on “Reset App Preferences” or “Reset all Settings” on the basis of the available option

Method 8: Manually Update Google Play Services

Several users have claimed that manually updating Google Play Services worked for them and they manage to get past the issue and to do the same you can follow the below mention steps:

  • Navigate to Settings>Apps>Google Play Services”
  • Then scroll down and click on the “App details” option. And you will be taken to Play Services listing in the Play Store
  • Click on the “Update button’ if available
Method 9: Disable Google Chrome

If you are still struggling with Google Play Services not working on Android issue then disabling Google Chrome may works for you. But before that it is highly recommended to enable sync in Chrome to back up your Chrome data to a Google Account, otherwise you will lose your bookmarks, passwords and other information too.

  • In order to disable Chrome, Navigate to Settings>Apps>Chrome
  • Then press the disable button>restart the phone and then enable it again

Method 10: Uninstall Google Play Services

If none of the above mentioned methods works for you can try this one. Here in this method we suggest you to uninstall Google Play Store and to do so follow the below mention steps:

  • Go to Settings>Apps>Google Play Services. At the upper side press the three dots icon & select “Uninstall Updates”

If you are unable to uninstall Play Services then you need to Disable Device admin apps first.

Here’s how:

  • Firstly navigate to Settings>Security>Find My Device
  • Then turn off the toggle to deactivate it

  • After uninstalling Play Services restart your device
  • Now check if the issue resolved or not, if everything is fine, re-enable Find My Device

Uninstalling the Play Services will remove its recent updates without affecting your installed apps, personal data and phone settings as well. Your device still has the app loaded & operating, but it is an earlier version.

Bottom Line

That’s all about Google Play Services not working on Android. I have tried to provide all the required information to get past the issue and now it’s your turn to follow our guidelines to resolve your issue.