A computer mouse is a hand-held pointing device that detects two dimensional motion relative to a surface. Well we don’t need to write an essay about the benefits of using mouse as a pointing device. That’s why even the laptop users use this as their pointing device instead of using the built-in mouse. But while going through several forum sites we have concluded that several users have claimed Mouse keeps Zooming Instead of Scrolling. If you are also facing the same then keep reading this blog till the end.

What causes Mouse keeps Zooming Instead of Scrolling?

  1. You are likely to face the above mention trouble if your ctrl key has been physically stuck. And it is one of the most eminent reasons for facing this error.
  2. If you are using a laptop and facing the current situation then the reason is Windows 10 feature called Pinch to Zoom. Instead of the scroll, the OS recognized it as a pinch out and zoom into your app.
  3. If you are using any third party key binding software, there is a possibility that some incorrect setting is causing the scroll wheel to interpret the scrolls as a command for zooming.
  4. If you are facing this issue only in Microsoft Excel then it may because of an advanced feature called ‘Zoom on Roll with IntelliMouse.’

How to Solve Mouse keeps Zooming Instead of Scrolling?

Method 1: Disable Key Binding Software

If you are using third party key binding software then there is some chance that the settings for the key bindings may be changed and this makes you suffer from the above mention error. Well don’t panic it is quite common as there are several users who changed the binding unintentionally or due to third party interference they face the above mention error.

In accordance with drivers that you are utilizing for your mouse, you can set Ctrl + Scroll as a shortcut to so nothing. It clearly means that when you see this shortcut, the OS will identify the combination and then throw it away. Some specific drivers also let you fine tune these controls, letting you disable this shortcut for certain applications only.

Or you can also use AutoHotkey in order to disable this shortcut. Follow the below mention steps at the same time:

  • First of all download and install AutoHotkey from the official website.
  • Under the AutoHotkey.ahk, add these to do nothing for the Ctrl + MouseWheelScrolling



  • Save this file and Restart your device

If you are using WizMouse, Uncheck the option that says, ”Enable Mouse Wheel for applications without mouse wheel support.

Method 2: Disable Zoom On Roll With IntelliMouse

As we have earlier mentioned that you are likely to face the above mention error because of Excel advance feature ‘Zoom on Roll with IntelliMouse.’ This feature can become annoying for small spreadsheets, where you need to scroll the cells instead of zooming in and out. So you can turn off the Zoom on this roll with intellimouse feature to solve this error. To do so follow the below mention guidelines:

  • First of all open Microsoft Excel on your system
  • Tap on the File button located at the top left corner of the window.

Note: On the older versions, tap on the Office button located in the same place

  • Tap on Excel Options>Navigate to the Advanced tab to view the advanced settings
  • Now on the right hand-pane, uncheck the box related with the option Zoom on roll with Intellimouse.

  • Finally click on OK to save the changes and then restart your computer.
Method 3: Disable Pinch to Zoom

Several users have claimed that they were facing the above mention error because of synaptic drivers because of Windows 10 feature. The synaptic driver can recognize your scrolls as a different input and thus ends up zooming into your content rather than scrolling.

And they manage to get past the error by disabling the feature. So we suggest you to disable the feature by following the below mention guidelines:

  • First of all pen Windows Search by pressing Win + S keys>then type Mouse Settings and select the first search result to launch Mouse Properties window

Note that in the recent Windows 10 builds, searching Mouse opens Mouse Settings in the Settings app. And now you need to locate and tap on Additional Mouse Settings.

  • Under the Mouse Properties Window, navigate to the tab named Device Settings
  • After that tap on the Options button to open the Specific Synaptic Settings

  • In the Synaptic Touchpad Properties dialog, select the Pinch Zoom option
  • Then Uncheck the option related with Enable Pinch Zoom

  • Finally Restart your computer

Note that if you only see this error in Excel you can turn off Zoom on Roll in the app.

Method 4: Check for the Keyboard Damage and stuck Ctrl key

One of the most obvious reasons for facing the error is a physically stuck Ctrl key. The two most used shortcuts while scrolling are:

Ctrl + Scroll: Zoom in and out of content

Shift + Scroll: Horizontal scroll of content

If your Ctrl key is stuck on your keyboard due to any reason then the first keyboard shortcut will be automatically triggered which causes the above mention error.

In order to check if the Ctrl key is stuck you can follow the below mention guidelines:

  • Press Win + R keys together to open Run dialog box>then type osk and press Enter to launch the on-screen keyboard
  • Now, check if the Ctrl key is highlighted.

Note: The key will be highlighted in the color matching your theme in Windows 10

  • If you see the Ctrl keys highlighted, this indicates that the keys are pressed or stuck on your keyboard.

Try to get the key released from the stuck position. And for this you can try pressing on the key a few times until the key is released. And if you are still stuck with the issue, remove the keycap to check if there is any damage to the underlying key switch mechanism.

Final Words

That’s all about Mouse keeps Zooming Instead of Scrolling, we really hope that you liked the blog and it was helpful for you to get past the above mention error.