Are you struggling with “No Service” Error even you have inserted your SIM Card. Well don’t fret you are not alone who’s suffering from this error. As several users have claimed that they have SIM Card Inserted but there’s No Service on Android. Undoubtedly Android is one of the most reliable and easy to access OS, but it is also true that Android users always get stuck with minor issues and the above mention trouble is one of them. So here in this guide we will teach you how to get past the above mention error.

Why I am facing No Service Error on My Android

There can be many reasons for facing the above mention issue like if you have not inserted your SIM Card properly, when your SIM Card is not working, if your device has some issues. As we have earlier mentioned that it is one of the most frequently reported errors by Android users. Thought the error can be easily tackled but it is really nerve wrecking because when you get stuck with this error you can’t call, send or receive messages or use your mobile data. Your device becomes totally useless. So considering the consequences of this error it is very important to resolve the issue. So without any further delay let’s get started with the discussion.

How to Solve SIM Card Inserted but No Service on Android

Method 1: Reboot your Android device

In the very first method we suggest you to reboot your device. Rebooting the device may resolve several glitches on your device and it also refreshes the OS. So before proceeding with any complex method, just reboot your phone. To do so you can follow the below mention guidelines:

  • Long press the Power button for a few moments until you are prompted with a Menu
  • Now select Restart option to reboot your device.

Method 2: Re-insert the SIM Card

As we have earlier mentioned that if you have inserted your SIM Card improperly then you are likely to face network issues. So in such case all you need to do is just re-insert the SIM Properly and to do the same follow the below mention guidelines:

  • First of all switch off your device & remove the SIM card from its slot
  • Then Re-insert the SIM Card again in its slot
  • Finally Switch On your phone
Method 3: Switch the device’s Airplane Mode On & off again

You are likely to face the No Service Error when your device can’t connect with your network. In order to resolve this issue you can try to connect by switching the Airplane mode on & off again. After turning on the Airplane mode your device gets disconnected from all the networks. And when you turn off the Airplane mode your device reinitiates a connection with your carrier. You can follow the below mention guidelines to proceed:

  • Pull down the device screen from the top & visit a notification panel
  • Click on the Airplane Mode option to enable
  • Now click on the Airplane Mode option again to disable it

Method 4: Use Safe Mode

Several users have claimed that they were facing the issue because of some problematic apps installed on your device. In that case one of the best methods to identify the problematic apps is using Safe Mode.

Here’s how:

  • First of all long press the power button for few months until you are prompted with a pop menu

  • Tap & hold the power off button from the options on the device screen to get the Safe Mode

  • Your device will reboot and restarts in safe mode. You can see a Safe Mode text on the device screen’s bottom-left

Method 5: Manually Select your Carrier

By default your device automatically scans and selects its network carrier. But if you are having struggling with No Service Error then you can switch from automatic carrier selection to manual carrier selection. In order to proceed with the method, follow the below mention steps:

  • First of all open Settings app & go to SIM Card and Mobile Data Settings

  • Select your SIM card (if their dual SIM)

  • In the Network Settings Section, click on the Carrier

  • Turn off the Auto select
  • Manually select your carrier from the list of available networks

Method 6: Check for Null IMEI

Sometimes the IMEI number gets corrupted due to certain reasons and it becomes quite difficult to recognize your device and eventually users face network errors. In such case you need to check it by dialing *#06# from the dialer app. And if the results show valid IMEI number then jump to the next method but if the IMEI shows a null or invalid result you really need to fix it on your deice.

Method 7: Change your SIM Card

If your SIM Card is physically damaged then your device makes it difficult to recognize it. You really need to fix this issue by visiting the nearest carrier shop and ask them to replace your SIM Card. And your number will not change; they will just change the card.

Method 8: Perform Factory Reset

If none of the above mentioned methods works for you then we suggest you to perform a factory reset. But before that don’t forget backup all your data because this method will remove all your data from your device. Once you have backed up your data then follow the below mention steps:

  • Firstly launch your device Settings>look for Additional Setting
  • Then expand the options of the Additional (Advanced) Settings by selecting them

  • Navigate to Backup and Reset

  • After that click on Erase all Data (Factory Reset)

  • Tap on Erase all Data

  • Now enter your PIN if prompted>finally select Erase all data and wait till the process gets completed

Bottom Line

My job is done here and I have tried my best to provide all the possible fixes to get past SIM Card Inserted but No Service on Android. Now it’s your turn to follow our guidelines to resolve the issue.