Have you ever stuck on your Android’s keyboard while typing? If yes then don’t get frustrated.  It is one of the most common issues face by almost every Android/iOS users. But sometimes these kinds of issues turn to a nerve wrecking situation when we are in middle of something very important. And if that moment we face the crashing of Android’s keyboard. It is just out of favour because we have expended a lot on our Smartphone, so we don’t expect at least this from our Phone.

In this write-up, we are going to discuss one the Android keyboard issue and that is “Unfortunately Gboard has stopped in android.” If you are disturbed with the same problem then you can totally rely on this blog. We assure that you will surely get past the problem. But before proceeding with the fixes we would like to discuss more about the issue.

As we all know that Gboard is the default keyboard installed on almost all Android devices. But several Android users have reported on forums and on many community websites that when they try to type on their keyboard it stopped working and leave the below mention message on their screen:

“Unfortunately Gboard has stopped” error”

“Can’t use the keyboard”

Why I’m having Unfortunately Gboard has stopped in android?


As discussed earlier that is so common to occur. But if we talk about the causes then there can be multiple reasons which lead the above issue. So let’s discuss about few of the potential culprits which are responsible for this situation.

  1. You are likely to face the error when the app cache has been corrupted or bad due to any reason.
  2. If the Gboard app is outdated or having any glitch then you might face the above issue.
  3. If your Android device is outdated you have not updated it from a long time then the chances to occur the above situation is quite higher.

Troubleshooting methods forUnfortunately Gboard has stopped in android”

Method 1: Restart Your Device

The very first thing we will advise you to restart your device. Restarting the device will refresh your software and fix the minor bugs on it. And may be your Gboard crash is just a bug. So try to refresh your Android Device. To do so follow the below mention steps:

  • First of all press& hold power key
  • Click on Power Off
  • Then wait for few minutes and then simply restart the phone
Method 2: Cleat the app cache and Data

You might have known that every time you use an app, its cache is stored and it is very important to remove these cache time to time. Because corrupted cache data acts as a barrier in the proper working of any app. So we suggest you to clear the app cache & data and to do so follow the below mention guidelines:

  • Navigate to Settings>Apps & Notifications>open the app list

  • Choose Gboard>click on Force Stop in order to stop the app


  • Then select Storage & Cache >click on Clear Cache

Note: We also recommend you to delete the Gboard app’s data files. We are suggesting so because if you have any corrupted data stored as a backup it might again create mess for you. And don’t get panic about data loss because Gboard is synced to the Google account, so it will be don’t worry it will be stored automatically. You can follow the same steps as mentioned above but this time select Clear Storage.

Method 3: Force Stop & Restart

Another tried and tested method is force stop your app applying this method will fix app bug. Several users have claimed success after trying this method, you can also go for it and to do so, follow the below mention steps:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose Apps & Notifications >see the list of apps


  • Then select Gboard>tap on Force Stop
Method 4: Update the Gboard App

Updating the app has a potential to fix bugs of the app. We suggest you to check Google Play Store time to time for regular updates. In order to update your Gboard app, follow the below mention steps:

  • First of all open the Google Play Store on your device
  • Look for Gboard app >open it
  • Click on Update button to install the updates
  • Once done then try to re-launch the app.
Method 5: Uninstall the App

We suggest you to uninstall and then re-install the app. It might resolve your issue. To do so follow the below mention guidelines:

  • Click on settings> navigate to Apps>Gboard>click on Uninstall
  • Then tap on Yes for confirmation
  • Navigate to Google Play Store and look for Gboard and then install it.
  • Once done with the installation process, then check if the issue still persists


Method 6: Restart in Safe Mode

This method demands you to enter into safe. In safe mode your device can analyse if any third party app is interfering while accessing the Gboard app. And if it is interfering it can be detected easily. To do so you can follow the below mention guidelines:

  • Firstly just hold the power key until the menu is prompted on your screen
  • Tap & Hold the power button on the menu till a window is prompted on your screen asking “do you want to restart in Safe Mode”>click on OK for confirmation
  • You have successfully entered the safe mode.

If the above method solves your issue, then it simply means any third party app was interfering and you were getting Unfortunately Gboard has stopped in android. So we suggest you to uninstall all the recently installed apps.

Method 7: Reset the Keyboard Settings

If you are using Asus keyboard then follow the below mention steps to reset your keyboard settings:

  • Navigate your Phone’s Settings Menu
  • Search for Language and Input Under Setting>tap on it


  • From the Menu select Gboard Keyboard
  • Scroll down & select Reset Settings from drop down menu
Method 8: Make sure that Gboard is your Default Keyboard
  • To do so open Settings on your device >select “System” or “General Management”
  • After that “Languages & Input” then “Default Keyboard”

  • Open “Default keyboard”

  • From the prompted menu, select Gboard
Method 9: Go for an Android Repair Tool

If you are still struggling with Unfortunately Gboard has stopped in android.  Then we will highly recommend you to for an Android Repair Tool. This tool will not only fix the Gboard app crashing but will tackle the other malfunctioning of the device. In a single go it will scan your device completely and fix the malwares/ corrupted files and so on.

⇓Download Android Repair Tool Here⇓

Method 10: Perform a factory Reset on your Device

We suggest you to only go for this method when you don’t have any other option. A factory reset will erase all your data which includes apps and personal information. So before proceeding with the method don’t forget to backup all your data. Once done with the backup process, then follow the below mention guidelines:

  • Navigate to the General Management Section>Settings>Reset>Factory Data Reset
  • You will be prompted with a warning that you will lose your all data
  • Press on the Reset button
  • To proceed with the process, you need to enter pin or password if you have enabled security lock on your device
  • Give your permission to the device to reset t its factory settings
  • Once done then re-install the Gboard app gain from the Google Play Store


That’s all about Unfortunately Gboard has stopped in android. I have provided ample information to get past the problem and now it’s your turn to follow our guidelines to resolve your problem. I really hope that the fixes will surely help you.

Note: If you have lost your data while resolving the above problem and you desperately wants to recover it then we recommend you an Android Data Recovery Tool to recover all your data. In few clicks you will be able to get all your data back to your device.

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Apart from this, if you have further queries regarding this post, then don’t hesitate to share with us on our Facebook & Twitter Page. Thanks for Reading. Good Luck with the fixes.