We Couldn’t Contact the Server Error 0x80072EFD is a Microsoft Activation error which occurs in Office 365, Office 2016 and other versions of program. Well this error generally occurs if a user tries to activate Office 365 on a computer on which an older version of Microsoft Office was previously installed.

And as per the reports in certain cases, it has been observed that MS Office gets deactivated after updating window and when the user tries to open the program they get prompted with error message like “Unlicensed Product”, Product Deactivated or We are sorry something went wrong, please try again later.

So from the above explanation you might have understood that it’s an activation error and gets prompted on the users screen even if they have purchased a yearly subscription to Office 365. If you are also looking for a troubleshooting guide to gets past the error keep reading this blog till the end.

What causes Office 365 activation error we couldn’t contact the server

After investigating a lot about the error we concluded that there are several factors that lead to the above mention error and the list includes interrupted internet connection, interference of antivirus software, incorrect date & time settings on your PC.

How to resolve we couldn’t Contact the Server Error 0x80072EFD

Method 1: Set Date & Time Settings on your PC

As we have earlier discussed that incorrect date & time settings may lead to the above mention error. So in this method we suggest you to fix date & time settings on your PC:

Step 1: First of all right-click on Time & Date icon located under the taskbar and tap on Adjust date/time option in the prompted menu

Step 2: If you found that the Time & Date icon is missing on your PC, tap on Start>Settings >Time & Language

Step 3: In the next step, ensure that your Time Zone is correct and the date & time is also correct

Method 2: Temporarily Disable Windows Firewall

After setting the date and time we suggest you to disable your windows firewall temporarily because sometimes it happens when the antivirus software gets over protective and block access of Microsoft Office 365 to the internet. If you are using any 3rd party security software then kindly disable it too.

Method 3: Run Office as an Administrator

It is quite possible that you are facing we couldn’t Contact the Server Error 0x80072EFD error just because you don’t have sufficient permissions. So in order to tackle this situation, you need to run Office as an Administrator:

Here’s how:

Step 1: First of all type Name of the Microsoft Office Program in the search bar>then right-click on the Office Program in the search results and tap on Run as an Administrators option

Step 2: Now on the confirmation prompt, tap on Yes to run the problematic Microsoft office as Admin

Method 4: Disable Proxy Servers

In this method we suggest you to disable proxy server if you are using a proxy server (VPN). So disable the proxy server by following the below mention guidelines:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings>Network and Internet >select Proxy tab in the left pane. In the right pane, disable Automatically detect Settings option, located under ‘Automatic Proxy Setup’ section

Now in the same screen, just scroll down & disable Use a Proxy Server option under the manual proxy section.

Method 5: Check Microsoft Office Subscription

If you are still struggling with the above mention issue then we suggest you to check the Microsoft Subscription and to do the same open any web browser on your PC and navigate to the Office 365 portal (https://portal.office.com). Then login to your Microsoft Account and use your Email Address & Password linked with the subscription.

Ensure that a legitimate subscription of MS Office is assigned or available in your user account.

Method 6: Add New DNS Server Address

Several Users have claimed that adding new DNS Server Address worked for them so you can also give a try to this method.

Here’ how:

Step 1: On your keyboard press Windows + I keys together and select Control Panel> then select “View Network status and tasks” under Network & Internet

Step 2: Then click on your Wi-Fi and then tap Properties> now select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties

Step 3: Ensure to select the following DNS Server Addresses and write this:

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

Step 4: Click OK and again OK to close the open windows> then again press Windows keys + X keys and then select Command Prompt (Admin)

Step 5: Then type the following command and press Enter:

ipconfig /flushdns

Step 6: Once done then check if the issue resolved or not.

Method 7: Repair Microsoft Office 365

It is also possible that you are facing the above mention error because of corrupted/damaged program files. So in such situation we suggest you to repair Microsoft Office 365.

To do so follow the below mention instructions:

Step 1: On your keyboard press Windows + X keys together and select Control Panel > tap on Uninstall a Program and locate Office 365

Step 2: Then select Microsoft Office 365 and tap on Change at the top of the windows

Step 3: Now click on Quick Repair and wait till the process gets completed>

Method 8: Uninstall and the Reinstall the Program

If none of the above mentioned methods works for you then uninstall and then reinstall the program. To do so follow the below mention instructions:

Step 1: First of all open Control Panel> then switch to Large Icons View and tap on Programs & Features

Step 2: In the next step, right-click on MS office and tap on Uninstall> Once the Un-installation process gets completed then restart your PC and Reinstall MS Office program.

Well that’s all about We Couldn’t Contact the Server Error 0x80072EFD. If you liked the blog then keep visiting the site for more useful articles.