In our previous blog we were talking about the errors that occur because of the corrupted installation of Windows but here in this blog we will discuss about of the extra frequently reported update errors and that is Windows update error 0x80070032. Users face this error while restarting their PC for the changes to take effect after successfully installing the pending updates.

Updates errors are one of the most easily tackled errors but it says a lot about your PC.  Some of the users face this issue because of corrupted system files while some of them face this issue because of outdated drivers. And trust me there are several reasons for getting stuck with such kinds of error. Users face this error code in different situations but in any cases this error only indicates that your system is about to corrupt and you need to do something as soon as possible.

But don’t fret if you are also struggling a lot to get past the error as we have some tried and tested methods which will help you in resolving this error but before that let’s know more about its causes.

Why I am having “We’re having trouble restarting to finish the install (0x80070032)”

Well you might have understood from the error message that something is obstructing you from restarting the PC and finish the update process and it can be anything like we discussed earlier corrupted/missing System files, outdated drivers, interference of third party software, stopped Windows Update Services and lack of drive space.

Once you are aware with all the possible potential causes then try the below mentioned methods to help yourself.

Method 1: Free Up Drive Space

First of all we will suggest you to free up drive space. You need to delete temporary files or clearing the recycle bin.

Here’s how:

  • First of all press Win + E keys to open Windows Explorer>click This PC from the left pane>then right-click on the drive, where you have installed Windows
  • Select Properties from the listed options>click on Disk Cleanup

  • Then select all files and tap on OK>you will be prompted with a short window
  • Tap on Delete Files to confirm the action>once done then try to update the Windows
Method 2: Restart Windows Update Services

You are likely to face the above mentioned error if the Windows Update Services has been stopped. So in such case restart the services and to do the same follow the below mention guidelines:

  • Launch Run Program by pressing Win + R Keys>then type in services.msc and press Enter key
  • You will be prompted with a service window then find and right-click on the Windows Update services>Select Properties

  • After that change the Startup type from Manual to Automatic and then click on Apply>If you found that the services is stopped, tap on Start button in the Service Status
Method 3: Uninstall the latest Update

Sometimes it happens when the user face this error because of the corrupted installation of the Windows so in such case you need to uninstall the recent Windows Update. To do so follow the below mention instructions:

  • On your keyboard press Win + X keys>then click on Settings from the listed options

  • Navigate to Update & Security>then tap on View Update History and then click on Uninstall Updates

  • Select the Update you want to install>then right-click on the Update and click uninstall

Once done then check if the issue resolved or not.

Method 4: Run the Windows Troubleshooter

Several users have claimed that running the built-in utility Windows Troubleshooter resolved their issue, so you can also try the same by following the below mention instructions:

  • Press Win + I keys together to open the Settings>then go to Update & Security

  • Click Troubleshoot from the left pane>then tap View Additional Troubleshooter

  • Select Windows Update and click Run the Troubleshooter>it will automatically start detecting and fixing the issues>once done then try to update Windows
Method 5: Set Windows Update Services to run automatically

In this method we suggest you to set up the Windows Update Services to start automatically. Doing so will allow users to update Windows instantly when they restart.

To do so follow the below mention instructions:

  • Type Command Prompt in the search bar>then right-click on it and choose Run as Administrator
  • When the command prompt is opened, put the below mention commands and press the Enter key after each command

SC config cryptsvc start= auto

SC config trustedinstaller start= auto

SC config wuauserv start= auto

Once done then check if the issue resolved or not.

Method 6: Reset the Windows Update Components

Of you are still struggling with Windows Update Error 0x80070032 then you can try to resetting the Windows Update Components. Follow the below mention steps to proceed with this method:

  • First of all click on Start Menu and type in Command Prompt>then Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to launch the terminal as an administrator> then put the below mention commands and press Enter after each command:

net stop bits

net stop wuauserv

net stop appidsvc

net stop cryptsvc

ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 catroot2.old

netsh winsock reset

net start bits

net start wuauserv

net start appidsvc

net start cryptsvc

  • To open Run Program press Windows + R keys>Enter the below path and press Enter key


  • Select all the files by pressing Ctrl + A keys >then right-click on the files and select Delete

Once done then check if the issue resolved or not

Method 7: Temporarily Disable Windows Defender Temporarily

As we discussed earlier one is likely to have Update Error 0x80070032 when thee antivirus software interrupts while updating the Windows. So in such condition we suggest you to disable your antivirus software program temporarily.

Here’s how:

  • Tap on Start Menu and type Settings in the search bar>Open Settings and go to Update & Security
  • Then click on Windows Security from the left sidebar and tap Virus and Threat Protection>after that click Manage Settings to go to Advanced Security Settings
  • Now turn off Real-Time Protection>click Yes when asked for permissions>and lastly check if the issue resolved or not.
Method 8: Perform a Clean Boot

If disabling the antivirus software didn’t works for you then we suggest you to perform a clean boot. So many users have claimed success after applying this method so try this to get past the issue.

Follow the below mention steps to proceed:

  • Press Win + R keys together to open Run Program>then type in msconfig and press Enter
  • Now click on Selective Startup and navigate to the Services tab>click on Hide All Microsoft Services and then click Disable All
  • Tap on Apply and then OK
Method 9: Update the Drivers

In the very beginning of this blog we have told you that outdated drivers create so many issues for the users. So we highly recommend you to update your device drivers to the latest version to prevent such kinds of errors. And to do the same you can totally rely on an automatic driver tool to update your drivers top the latest version without any hassle.

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Method 10: Run SFC or DISM

Well if all the above mentioned methods fail to solve your issue then it is crystal clear that your system has corrupted files which is preventing your PC from installing the latest updates. So in such condition you can run built-in utility tool to repair those files by following the below mention steps:

  • First of all type in Command Prompt in the search bar>and click on Run as an Administrator from the right pane
  • Now click on Yes when prompted by UAC>after launching the terminal, you need to copy and paste the following commands:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

sfc /scannow

Once the commands have been executed then check if the issue resolved or not but sometimes this built-in utility tool fails to do their job when your system have large number of corrupted files. So in such situation you need a professional tool to solve the issue. We suggest you a PC Repair Tool scan your repositories and repair the files. It will not only repair your corrupted files but will also resolve other malfunctioning of the Windows in just few clicks.

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That’s all about Windows Update Error 0x80070032. If you have any further queries regarding the same then feel free to share in the comment section. Thanks for Reading.