World of Warcraft needs no introduction as it is one of the most played games. But like other games it is not flawless and we don’t expect any software to be flawless. In this world nothing is error less and it is absolutely normal until it is tolerable and harmless. But when these flaws go beyond our control we start looking for a solution. Well here in this particular guide we will discuss about one of the most frequently reported errors World of Warcraft not enough Memory. Many users have claimed this error while launching the game. If you are looking for an effective solution for the same, keep reading the blog till the end.

We are assuming that we don’t need to explain the reason of this error as it is already stated in the error message that shortage of memory. Whenever we buy laptop or even smartphone the very first thing we consider is the memory because we all use to install high end games and apps on our devices. So sometimes it happens when we face issues due to lack of memory.

But after investigating a lot about the error we concluded that shortage of memory on your device is not the only reason to face the error. There are several major reasons that lead to World of Warcraft not enough Memory error. We have enlisted some prime factors that are responsible for prompting the error.

  • Your system does not fulfils the memory requirements of the game
  • High Game Settings
  • Corrupted Installation of Game Files
  • Unnecessary applications running in the background
  • Outdated Game Version

Try these fixes for World of Warcraft not enough Memory

Method 1: Reboot your System

Before proceeding with the complex methods we would like to suggest you to restart your PC. Restarting the PC will refresh the software and fix the minor glitches in the software.

Method 2: Check the Minimum Requirements of the game

You are likely to face the above mention error if your PC does not meet the minimum requirements of the game. We have enlisted the basic requirements of the game you can check and ensure that your PC fulfil it.

Method 3: Close Background Applications

If your system meets the minimum requirements to play the game then we suggest you to close the unnecessarily running applications in the background. You can either stop all the processes one by one or use the task manager to stop all the programs.

Follow the below mention steps to stop background applications:

  • On your keyboard press Ctrl + Alt + Delete together>tap on Task Manager>navigate to Processes
  • Click on more details to see all the applications>finally close the applications

We suggest you to end all the programs that are running unnecessarily while playing the game. But kindly don’t close the important ones to keep the OS running. By closing unnecessary programs you will release a lot of RAM. If you don’t want to close the application one by one you can reboot the PC.

Method 4: Install 64-bit OS

If you are still struggling with World of Warcraft not enough Memory error kindly update to 64-bit version of Windows. To do the same follow the below mention steps:

  • First of all insert the Windows drive>reboot your system
  • Now press any key to go to the installation process
  • After the select clean installation of Windows>choose the language
  • Then select 64-bit(x64) architecture>finally wait for the installation process to be finish
  • Once done , launch the game and see if the issue resolved or not
Method 5: Reduce Game Settings

Here in this section we suggest you to reduce the game settings and to do the same follow the below mention instructions:

  • Navigate to Settings>open Graphics settings>then set display mode to your screen size
  • After that remove anti-aliasing and vertical sync
  • Finally set the resolution level to minimum 90%
Method 6: Reset User Interface

If none of the above mentioned methods works for you work for you then we suggest you to reset the User Interface.

Here’s how:

  • First of all close World of Warcraft>uninstall the addons manager
  • Navigate to the WOW Game Directory>tap on the WOW retail game
  • Then rename cache, interface and wtf to Cacheold, interfaceold and wtfold
  • Lastly relaunch the game.


That’s all about World of Warcraft not enough Memory. We really hope that you liked the blog and it was helpful for you as well.