Are you looking for a guide to reset external Display Settings on Mac then you have reached at the right place. As per the reports, several users have shared their grievances that their Mac is unable to recognize an external display or detect the display just after changing the resolution or refresh rate. But don’t worry this issue can be easily tackled with simple methods. So let’s gets started with the discussion.

Sometimes it happens when we change the resolution or refresh the rate settings, the external memory may not support the setting that we have selected and go back. But in some cases, the monitor will reset itself back to a supported resolution or refresh rate but generally then we need to reset it manually to work it properly. This issue has been especially reported by the M1 Macs and Monterey users with some monitors particularly after waking from the sleep mode.

Kindly keep in mind that resetting the NVRAM has nothing to do with this issue because it is related to the display settings of the Mac.

Follow the below mention methods to Reset External Display Settings on Mac

Method 1: Wait for Automatic Reset

This is one of the easiest methods to reset the external display settings and for that you only need to wait for 15 seconds for the monitor to reset itself back to a supported resolution or refresh rate. But if it didn’t works for you then press the Esc (Escape key) to force the monitor to reset itself.

Method 2: Safe Mode Reset

If you failed to perform automatic reset then you can try this method. Here you are suggested to reset your Mac by starting it into the Safe Mode.

We all know that safe mode is a troubleshooting mode and startup takes a bit longer but it permits you to resolve several issues like resetting external display connected to your Mac.

  • In order to start in Safe Mode on Intel Macs, you have to turn on your Mac & hold down the Shift key and then release it once the login screen appears.
  • In order to start in Safe Mode on M1 Macs you need to turn on your Mac device & hold the Power button until you get the Startup options menu. Then select your Startup disk & hold down the Shift key and tap on “Continue in Safe Mode”
  • Navigate to Apple Menu >System Preferences>Displays and then tap on Display Settings
  • Now select Default for Display in the Resolution Settings

Finally you can restart your Mac and your external display resolution and refresh rate will be stored to the previous setting.

Wrapping Up

That’s all about Reset External Display Settings on Mac. If you liked the blog then keep visiting the site for more useful articles.