Here in this guide we will guide you on how to Setup VPN on Mac. We will not only help you in setting up VPN on Mac but will also give you suggestions on how to choose VPN’s on Mac but before that let’s know more about VPN’s.

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network describes the opportunity to establish a protected network connection while using public networks. VPNs encrypt the internet traffic and disguise user’s online activity. And this makes more difficult for the third parties to track one’s activities online and steal data. The encryption takes place in real time.

What to look for while choosing VPN Services for your Mac

Well most of the VPN Providers have similar offerings in terms of server location, speed & performance and encryption protocols. Nonetheless there are differences between them which can affect how well the service works for you. We have enlisted some parameters to choose the best VPN for yourself, so keep reading.

Streaming Movies: Almost all the VPNs claim that they can unlock sites like Amazon Prime or Netflix but sadly not every VPN fulfill their promise. All you need to do is spend some time reading VPN reviews, taking advantages of trial periods or using a VPN that has money back guarantee. No one wants to pre-pay for a service that doesn’t work as promised/advertised. Often, getting movies to stream is a matter of trial & error involving finding the right VPM Company and/or server location.

Web Browsing Privacy: It’s known that all the VPN services are designated to hide your IP address and physical location while encrypting your data traffic as it flows over public networks. However, VPNs differ in the type of features offered, and it’s worthy to take time to investigate the different available options. These includes encryption protocols, VPNs data logging policies, the number of allowable connections, extra security features, browser extensions, service levels, torrenting support and the company’s jurisdiction.

How to Setup a VPN on Mac using VPN Settings

In order to setup VPN via Mac’s built-in VPN Settings, ensure you have all the important data. This includes VPN type, Username Password, Server Address and shared secret. Well all this information is specific to each VPN and provided by your VPN Operator.

Step 1: Tap the Apple icon in the upper left of your display, after that tap click System Preferences.

Step 2: Tap Network

Step 3: Click the Plus (+) to create a new network connection

Step 4: Select VPN from the Interface dropdown menu, L2PT over IPSec from the Service Name dropdown menu, and the name of your choice in the Service Name filed. Tap Create.

Step 5: Now Enter Server Address and the Account Name, sometimes referred to as username by the VPN Operator after that click Authentication Process.

Step 6: After that enter the Password and Shared Secret then click on OK

Step 7: Tap Apply and click on Connect

Step 8: Your VPN will now connect. You can select Disconnect to turn off your VPN when you are done.

Note: You can always see the status of your VPN connection from the Network tab. You can also tap Show VPN Status in Menu bar if you want quick access to the VPN Connection.

Step 9: In order to turn the connection back on again, you need to repeat steps 1 & 2 and choose VPN from the list then tap Connect one more.

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That’s all about Setup VPN on Mac. We assume that you liked he blog. Thanks for your time.