It is possible to stop apps from running on startup on Mac from system preferences. You can choose which programs you want to not to run automatically on startup. This is important if you want quick start at your work, social media and project. Read below for the steps how to stop apps running on startup Mac.

On daily usage, you might need more Safari, chrome and Word than any other apps or certain other combinations of apps with your interest. Surely, you want only these programs run right away at the Mac starts up.

If so many apps are running at the startup, it can slow down everything making it tedious for you to perform routine startup. To speed up the system, you require cutting down number of apps from running at startup or to set up on the computer the setting that no program would start running automatically. Here is how you can do this:

Steps how to stop apps running on startup Mac

  • On your Mac, click on Apple menu and choose System Preferences,
  • Then, click on Users & Groups,
  • Click on Login Items the then,
  • Next, click the lock icon on the left and enter your password and then press Unlock,
  • Click on the checkbox next to the program listed below the works “These items will open automatically when you log in”,
  • Then click on minus sign that appears the next to remove it.

If you want, you can set certain app to launch at startup without necessarily popping up onto the screen. This will ensure that it will not get in your way but is ready to use when it is needed. To do that, just tick the Hide box option next to app of your choice.

To temporary disable startup app, you can just hold down the shift key on the keyboard before submitting the login credentials and continue holding it until the DOCK appears and then the start apps won’t load that time.

Remove Launch Deamons and Agents

On restarting your Mac, if you find certain programs open up, it is likely because of launch daemons and agent hidden within your libraries. These files are hidden in places where users usually don’t look at and tell computers to launch with the regular startup.

You can find them in number of places. Open your disk drive in finder, you will find them as named Macintosh HD by default – then in Library, look for the folders name LaunchAgents and LaunchDeamons.

They might even be separately stored within the system’s hidden files. Open Finder, click Go and hold down the Option key. Look for the Library folder and again the LaunchAgents and LaunchDeamons folders therein.

Within these folders are .phlist files which are associated with certain programs and services. If you recnognize a file that you know it continues to run with startup, you can freely delete it. However, do not recommend you delete .philist files as you may mess with as computer needs them to work properly.


That’s all! We have provided the complete guide how to stop apps running on startup mac. Hope so, the methods provided are helpful for you. Appreciate our effort if this article provides you what you are looking for.