Well here in this blog we will discuss one of the amazing features of Google Drive and that is sharing videos with friends, family colleagues and even strangers, along with timestamps. And the user interface of the video is similar to that of You Tube. And we all know how to share a video that plays at a specific time but unfortunately a lot of users are unaware of this fact that we can do the same with Google Drive also. But you don’t need to worry if you recently came to know about this but don’t have any idea about the same, kindly stay tuned with us till the end. Here in this blog we will guide you How to Timestamp Videos on Google Drive. You can easily follow the below mention guidelines to proceed:

How to Timestamp Videos on Google Drive

In order to timestamp videos on Google Drive then follow the below mention steps:

Step 1: First of all open your default web browser

Step 2: Go to Google Drive>Locate the video you want to add a timestamp to

Step 3: Then Right-Click on the selected video>Now click on Get Link

Step 4: After that click on Copy Link>Paste the copied link into a new tab

Step 5: Remove all the symbols before View?

Step 6: Now you must add t= right after View?

Step 7: Finally Add the time you want the video to start.

How to Link to a Specific Position in a Google Drive Video?

To generate a link for your video, first launch Google Drive on your PC and find your video file. Then right-click your video and choose “Get Link” from the menu.

Now in the box that opens, grab your video’s link just by clicking “Copy Link”

Open n new tab in your web browser and paste your video’s link there and don’t press Enter just yet.

Your video link should look something like this:


Now from this link, remove everything that appears after view?. After that add the t parameter with the time you want to play your video. For Instance to make your link play your video at 1 time and 25 seconds, your resulting link will look like this:


In the above link, m stands for and s for seconds, to specify the hour, you will use h.

Finally access the link you will find that Google Drive plays your video at the specified time. And you may now share this link with others so they can also see watch your video at your preferred starting point. Ensure you have given others access to your video though.

Bottom Line

That’s all about How to Timestamp Videos on Google Drive. We really hope that this blog was helpful for you. Thanks for your time.