It is well known first handheld device with dual-screen feature, released by Nintendo in 2014. It also features the ability to interact with multitude of DS consoles over WIFI. Over 154.01 million units is the collection from selling all different Nintendo DS models, making it the best selling handheld game console to date.

You might pull out your old Nintendo DS but still are fond of the multitude of games being offered. There is an easy way to access your favorite of Nintendo DS on Android. it is with the use of different Nintendo DS Emulators.

In this article we will provide you the list of the best NDS Emulators for Android 11 that you consider to download on your Smartphone. We know, you are so much excited and can’t wait anymore. So, without wasting your time, we directly jump to the topic and provide you the list below.

List of best NDS Emulator for Android 11


 It is the most popular Nintendo DS Emulator. It costs you about $5. It is easy to use interface and has lots of customization feature, for example, resolution and screen dimensions. It runs very smoothly and has a consistent frame rate.

Adding more to the list of the features included, it allows you enhance the game 3D graphics and sync the game data in your Google Drive account. It allows you increase the speed of the game by fast forwarding. So, if you are looking for android nds emulator with speed up feature, you can look for this option.


You can have this Emulator as an option for NDS Emulator for Android 11 if you do not want to spend on the Emulator. It is an emulator that can run more than DS games. It is more targeting towards users’ experience and therefore this will not take much time for you to be used to with it.

It has occasional FPS drops however you can easily get rid of the issue from the settings. The one thing you should note about the RetroArch is that it is a multi-versatile program that requires modular program called Cores. You can obtain such cores from Online Updater and install it using Core updater.


This is also free Nintendo DS Emulator. It supports sounds and saving and therefore you will be going to receive an immersive gaming experience with a sound on the table. You can assure that the game resumes from where you left it sometimes before.

Since it is an open source program, the improvements are continually being made to the app for users and by users. An example is that, someone recently added a German translation in it. This app has a website that you can check out for improvements and more about the project.

NDS Emulator

This program from CPU studio works better with Android 6 or later. It is also a free emulator. It is interesting to know that there are no such complaints about the emulator related to crashing or frame rate drops. The only downside of the app is that the touchpad positioning cannot be adjusted and internet connection is required so as to save game data..


This is another excellent emulator. It is free to use. You will find almost every feature that you would expect from a normal emulator. However, you will need a ROM for it to work. If you are looking for android nds emulator with speed up facility, it should be your choice.

The Game play is fastest with uncompressed ROMs. You can use it for NDS game files like .nds, .zip, and .rar. To use it, just copy the NDS game files to some SD card or your internal memory, load up the SuperNDS emulator and you are ready to play.


If you are looking for android nds emulator with multiplayer, you should look for this option. You will find it for free price tag. It offers lag-free gameplay and smooth performance. Only issue reported with this emulator is that it infrequently freezing. Undoubtedly, the authors provide the update to the application on regular basis.


It is another free Android Emulator in the list of Nds Emulator for Android 11. Its key focus is on the looks and feel. It has a beautiful UI interface and is pretty simple to us. It has two interesting feature of controller vibration and play music during gameplay. Other features of the emulator include the button layout and size customization and shaders.


It is very high compatibility rate. Thus, you can use it to play DS games from Pokemon, Mario, Final Fanstasy and etc. So, this is the android nds emulator with multiplayer support. The thing to be noteworthy is that you need to use it on the devices with at least 2GB of RAM. Another point to be noted is that you will not find this app on Google Play. You will have to download it APK file.

Pretendo DNS

It is one of the most underrated free DS Emulator for Android. It is compatible with most NDS ROMs. The UI design is strick to make gameplay easier for the users. Several customization buttons in them make the app worth. However, developers stop updating the app for several years ago, meaning it may have some compatibility issues with newer OS.

N.D.S Pocket of Simulator

It is a free emulator that shows the fast performance. It has in-built ROM searching feature and the ability to download and update the ROMs. You will find comes with pre-installed games. You are also allowed to save and load the games.


From the listed emulators above about the best nds emulator for android 11, you will definitely satisfy with some of the free emulators. However, the paid emulator is by far the most superior in performcne in the list. If you have dollars, you can definitely go for the paid emulator.