Are you one of those several users who want to Show all icons on Windows 11, Taskbar so that they can access all the icons directly without clicking on the extra arrow button. So you have reached at the right place as here we will guide you for the same.

In the previous Windows Version, there was an option (checkbox) to always show all icons in the Taskbar notification area. But sadly Windows 11 doesn’t provide such option in the Taskbar Settings. But here are few ways to show all the icons in Taskbar Notification area in Windows 11.

Try these methods for Windows 11 Taskbar Show All Icons/ Windows 11 Taskbar Show Hidden Icons

Method 1: Show All Icons in Windows 11 using Settings

It is one of the standard methods to show or hide icons in Windows 11 Taskbar notification are:

Step 1: Right-Click on an empty area in the Taskbar & select “Taskbar Settings” option, it will open the Taskbar Settings Page.

Alternatively, you can also open the same page using Settings app from the Start Menu or just by pressing Win + I keys same time and then go to “Personalization” >Taskbar section

Step 2: Now on the Taskbar Settings Page, you will see the following option at the bottom of the page:

Tap on the option to expand it.

Step 3: You will get a list of all icons available in the Taskbar Notification area. A toggled button is provided just next to each time to show or hide in the notifications area.

You can set the toggle button to ON for any icon and it will become visible in the Taskbar Notification area.

If you desires to show all the icons in the Taskbar notification area, set the toggle buttons to ON for all the icons.

Method 2: Sow all Icons in Windows 11 Taskbar using Drag-n-Drop

If you want to show an icon in the Taskbar Notification area, tap on the Arrow button to access Taskbar corner overflow menu and then you need to click & hold the desired program icon. Now drag-n-drop the icon to notification area near Volume, etc icons, it will move the icon from the Taskbar corner overflow menu to notification area.

You can use the same steps to move all the icons to Taskbar Notification area. And if you want to hide any icon, drag-n-drop the icon from the notification area to Taskbar corner overflow menu.

Bottom Line

So that’s all about Windows 11 Taskbar Show All Icons. We really hope that with the help of this blog you were able to show hidden icons on your Windows 11.